Bosch ESI[tronic]

The comprehensive workshop software

  • Diagnosis

    Vehicle diagnostics and trouble-shooting instructions for gasoline, diesel, brakes, convenience systems:

    Independent and specialist workshops for both cars and commercial vehicles all expect more from workshop software than just control unit diagnosis. Intelligent trouble-shooting, support for rapid repair work and straight forward maintenance specifications are what workshops are looking for.


    Your advantages at a glance:

    • Outstanding functionality and ease of operation help to save time
    • Accurate diagnosis ensures successful fault rectification
    • Fast, reliable repair work forms the basis for full customer satisfaction
    • Extremely comprehensive combination of SIS trouble-shooting instructions and control unit diagnosis for all manufacturers
    • For gasoline and diesel engine management systems as well as car braking systems; both for Bosch and other makes
    • Practical trouble-shooting instructions for workshops for use on all PCs and for perfectly coordinated vehicle diagnosis with Bosch test equipment
    • Modular concept to suit all individual workshop requirements

    Automotive equipment:


    Just one click for everything you need!

    • ESI[tronic]-A provides access to the full range of Bosch automotive equipment with the added advantage of being able to convert Bosch numbers to manufacturer numbers

    • ESI[tronic]-E "Electrical system replacement parts" provides an overview of all electrical system assemblies and replacement parts

    • The replacement parts archive on ESI[tronic]-F avoids tedious searching for older product data

    • ESI[tronic]-D contains a comprehensive overview of diesel replacement parts and Zexel diesel parts can be found on ESI[tronic]-ZD

    • Clear exploded views, product illustrations and detailed parts lists simplify identification
  • Mechanical system/electronics

    ESI[tronic] - full information on mechanical systems with no tedious searching.

    ESI[tronic]-M provides rapid access to all work on motor vehicle mechanical systems and their functions:

    • Technical data
    • Wheel alignment data
    • Maintenance schedules
    • Removal and installation instructions
    • Maintenance work illustrations

    Automotive convenience system circuit diagrams can be found on ESI[tronic]-P

    Always the right diagram for the main convenience systems in the vehicle:

    • Automotive convenience system circuit diagrams
    • Extremely comprehensive selection of motor vehicle circuit diagrams for all manufacturers
    • With 822,500 circuit diagram references and 22,800 full circuit diagrams
  • Diesel

    Bosch - at the forefront of diesel technology and workshop test equipment

    Bosch have been the world's leading diesel technology suppliers since the production of the first diesel truck in 1924 and the first diesel car in 1936.


    Thanks to the combination of a long and close working relationship with engine designers and a wealth of innovation in the fields of development and production, the past few years have seen the creation of modern, efficient, economical high-pressure systems and a resultant increase in the share of the diesel market.

    At the same time, this original equipment expertise also formed the basis for the development of innovative testers and the associated ESI[tronic] software to permit diagnosis of these electronically controlled diesel systems on the vehicle and subsequent replacement of any defective components.


    Bosch products thus provide all workshops with the means to deal with the latest diesel technology and so boost their turnover.

  • Workshop

    Information on motor vehicle service including quotations

    Bosch workshop system - saves time and keeps customers satisfied with instant cost estimates.

    • One click only: Inspection data, maintenance schedules, prices and time required
    • Linking of ESI[tronic]-A and ESI[tronic]-B functions with the new ESI[tronic]-TD and ESI[tronic]-S functions in one and the same ESI[tronic] interface
    • ESI functionality easy to use and install
    • Standard user interface saves time
    • High-speed interfaces for optimized functions
    • Use of workshop-specific data (customers, suppliers, prices...) to suit individual needs