TCE 260

TCE 260

Entry level tire changer for low volume workshops

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  • Product Info


    • Economical product for passenger car
    • Bigger clamping size up to 26”
    • Rim width up to 13.5 “
    • Round shape central plate
    • Helper arm reserved for UHP, RFT tyres
    • Reliable quality test in market
    • Safety valve for operator
    • Clamping jaw feathering function
  • Technical Data

    Technical Data TCE 260  
    Clamping size (outside clamping) 11-22"
    Clamping size (internal clamping) 13-26"
    Wheel width 4-13”
    Feathering Function Yes
    Max Wheel diameter 1050 mm
    Tilt back Yes
    Working pressure 8-10 bar
    Turning speed 6-8 rpm
    Assistant arm for RFT tires Reserved