Service training - General information

Service training - General information

Training sessions for all systems – whatever the manufacturer

The subject matter of the training sessions is specially geared to everyday workshop requirements so there is a course to suit every target group.

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  • Competence

    Bosch: Innovative leading system supplier for more than 125 years

    As a major supplier of the full range of automotive system technology, Bosch can look back on more than 125 years of experience. Bosch is the innovative, leading original equipment supplier for the automotive industry. Bosch products are thus synonymous with cutting-edge motor vehicle technology. This wealth of in-depth knowledge also makes Bosch the ideal provider of expert services in the field of basic and advanced automotive technology training.


    One step ahead thanks to our own customer service organization

    Years of experience from global customer service activities have provided Bosch with a valuable stock of knowledge which is reflected by the practical, customer-related nature of our training topics.


    Comprehensive system information

    The extensive motor vehicle systems expertise of Bosch ensures that the individual course content is always broad-based and guaranteed to provide sound, easy-to-learn information with an integrated system approach.


    Training sessions for all systems – whatever the manufacturer

    At Bosch, basic and advanced automotive training provides in-depth instruction on all standard systems available for all sorts of motor vehicle functions.


    The subject matter of the training sessions is specially geared to everyday workshop requirements so there is a course to suit every target group.

  • Advantages & benefits

    Ideally equipped for the future with expertise from Bosch

    • Highly qualified instructors with a practical approach and inside knowledge
    • Training based on the latest didactic methods
    • Course content specially geared to customer requirements and practical situations
    • Modern, extensive training equipment
    • First-hand instruction on the latest systems and components
    • The system expertise and experience of a leading original equipment supplier
    • Comprehensive knowledge of modern automotive technology, including mechanical systems
    • Teaching of a methodical approach to trouble-shooting
    • Market-based emphasis of practical work on vehicles
    • Learning by doing – the trainees work on various vehicles, on real working engines and on test set-ups with extensive fault simulation
    • Worldwide training activities

    Ideal training conditions

    • Around 45 vehicles constantly available for on-the-system training
    • Practice-based seminars (50%-80% practical work depending on training course)
    • Online registration available for all seminars
    • Training CDs can be ordered for preparatory self-study
    • Max. 16 participants per course
    • Practical training sessions in 4 small groups of max. 4 participants
    • Each small group practises on a separate vehicle
    • Course duration: min. 1 day, max. 4.5 days, on average 2.5 days
  • Learning by doing

    The practical route to success

    Practice-based learning


    "Learning by doing" is the basic principle of all Bosch training courses. The theoretical and practical content is specifically geared to workshop requirements,

    with the main emphasis being on practical learning in small groups. Under the supervision of highly qualified instructors, the trainees put the theoretical knowledge they have acquired into practice on various vehicles, separate engines and fault simulation set-ups.

    The methodical approach to success


    All training courses are clearly structured throughout on the basis of the latest didactic methods, from the fundamental theory to actual practical implementation. This approach helps the participants to acquire more profound knowledge and thus a sound understanding of particularly complex technical concepts.

    Teaching of efficient working methods


    Time is money, particularly in the service sector. A competent methodical approach is thus essential for trouble-shooting and subsequent repair work. By way of a systematic trouble-shooting procedure, the participants learn to localize the cause of a problem step-by-step, thus increasing their confidence and efficiency with every operation.

    This makes it possible to estimate the time and cost of a repair job much more accurately - a decisive factor with regard to the competitiveness of a motor vehicle workshop.

  • Target groups

    Our target groups and customers

    A global strategy geared to specific target groups is the key to providing knowledge on workshops and service work for innovative motor vehicle systems. Because not only workshops want to benefit directly from Bosch expertise, but also technical college instructors and associations for example.


    Alongside our own instructors from abroad, our Service Training Center also provides courses for:

    • Technical college instructors
    • Workshop personnel
    • Original equipment manufacturers
    • Official bodies
    • Associations
    • Border control authorities
    • Bosch engineers