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Training sessions for all systems – whatever the manufacturer

The subject matter of the training sessions is specially geared to everyday workshop requirements so there is a course to suit every target group.

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  • Competence

    Competence for all makes and brands, professional assistance

    Our Hotline specialists can help to solve problems in all areas of automotive engineering for a variety of makes and brands. The Technical Hotline and the Bosch information database can provide useful advice to deal with difficulties in all the relevant fields, including mechanical systems.

    Benefit from:

    • Extensive Bosch automotive system expertise
    • In-depth knowledge of mechanical, electrical and electronic automotive systems for all makes and brands
    • High-speed problem solving
    • Constant availability of information

    Competent advisors

    The Hotline consultants can draw on years of practical experience to provide quick and accurate answers to problems with even the most complex systems. The experts have the full wealth of original equipment knowledge and Bosch in-depth expertise at their disposal

  • Advantages

    Well-founded knowledge helps to save time and money

    The Bosch Technical Hotline is designed to provide specific assistance and practical support for routine work and to help deal with any problems arising in the course of motor vehicle servicing and repair.

    Your advantages

    • Time saving: Quicker and easier service and repair
    • Cost saving: No unnecessary use of manpower and workshop equipment
    • Customer satisfaction: Punctual completion of work and inexpensive vehicle diagnosis and repair ensure customer loyalty and create a positive image
    • Greater freedom for workshop manager and foreman: More time to concentrate on really important duties such as customer support
    • Job satisfaction: Being able to offer quick, competent assistance acts as motivation for day-to-day work

  • Diesel & Gasoline

    Competence in all areas of automotive engineering

    The list highlights some of the areas of automotive technology handled by our Hotline specialists.

    List of topics:
    Diesel power systems

    Solenoid valve-controlled systems
    • CRS = Common rail systems
    • UIS = Unit injection system
    • UPS = Unit pump system
    • EDC solenoid valve-controlled pumps

    Mechanically controlled systems
    • Glow control units
    • EDC in-line pump
    • UPS = Unit pump system
    • EDC distributor-type pump
    Diesel power test specifications

    Bosch systems
    • Bosch series pumps
    • Bosch test pumps
    • UPS = Unit pump system
    • Zexel injection pumps
    License systems
    • Friedmann und Maier injection pumps
    • Sigma, Fiat Lizent etc.
    Diesel power products
    Injection pumps
    • In-line pumps
    • Distributor-type pumps

    System components
    • Nozzle holders/nozzles
    • Controllers
    • Glow plugs
    Gasoline injection systems

    Gasoline injection systems
    • D-Jetronic
    • K-Jetronic
    • KE-Jetronic
    • L-Jetronic
    • LU/LE-Jetronic
    • LH-Jetronic
    • Mono Jetronic

    Engine management systems
    • MA - Mono-Motronic
    • MP - Motronic pressure sensor
    • ME - Motronic with ETC
    • MEG - Motronic with ETC and electronic transmission control
    • MED gasoline direct injection
    Gasoline injection products

    Mixture formation
    • Air flow sensor
    • Air mass meter
    • Sensors

    Mixture injection
    • Injectors
    • Electric fuel pump
    • Actuators

  • Electrical & mechanical systems

    Competence in all areas of automotive engineering

    The list highlights some of the areas of automotive technology handled by our Hotline specialists.

    List of topics:
    Electrical/electronic system products

    Power supply
    • Batteries
    • Alternators
    • Regulators

    • Headlights/lamps
    • Electric motors
    • Starters
    General mechanical systems

    Mechanical systems
    • Engine
    • Running gear
    • Suspension
    • Brakes

    Electronic systems
    • ABS
    • ASR
    • ESP
    • FGB
    • ETC
    General mechanical system products
    Brake components
    • Brake boosters
    • Brake calipers
    • Drum brakes
    • Braking force limiters
    • Braking force regulators

    Steering components
    • Power steering pumps
    • Steering gear