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AutoCrew in detail: what we offer you

As AutoCrew workshop you are part of a strong network. AutoCrew actively helps you to attract and retain new business, from professional marketing activities right through to comprehensive technical and training support. We even enable you to customize ads, direct mail and more to create hard-hitting local campaigns. Use the chances of our comprehensive offer.

Integrated AutoCrew brand elements:

From the signage and exterior design to our smart and functional workshop clothing, business stationary, branded promotional items and more: benefit from our professional solutions to retain existing customers and to win new ones.

Advertising and promotional support:

In addition to a full range of traditional print media, AutoCrew offers you extensive new media support and an easy-to-use toolbox that allows you to create your own local campaings. We provide you with our national website and give you the option of creating your own individual workshop site using the AutoCrew corporate design.

Technical support, coaching and knowledge sharing:

You will receive comprehensive technical support including trainings, manufacturer-specific technical support as well as a dedicated service hotline. The more you know about the changing needs of the market and the new products and services available, the more effectively you will be able to sell them.

Business management support:

We have developed a special quality management scheme which includes Service Quality Assessments (SQA) to ensure compliance with quality standards and services offered and Service Quality Tests (SQT), anonymous "mystery shopper" workshop tests to check the quality of services, customer orientation and staff expertise. In addition you receive effective tools to improve your quality and communicate the benefits to your customers via dedicated promotion & advertisement.