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Becoming a Bosch Car Service workshop

Representing the Bosch Car Service brand in the marketplace is a major responsibility, and we want to make sure that together we get it right.

Your business:

To become a Bosch Car Service workshop, your company should be run by an owner, director or operating manager who works full-time and has both full profit responsibility and the necessary decision-making skills. You also need to be fully committed to the Bosch brand and to continuing to build our excellent reputation. Your team will be well motivated and skilled, and should demonstrate excellent customer focus and service in everything they do.

Your premises:

Your premises are smart and professional with adequate customer parkting facilities and an attractive reception and waiting area. You should have sufficient storage space for stocking an appropriate level of spares and a good IT system to support your processes. Upon acceptance by Bosch, you will be allowed to display all our approved signage, in line with the Bosch corporate identity.

Your team:

You will need to have at least two full-time technicians in your workshop, one of whom should be qualified at master level. At least one of your technicians should attend and successfully complete the Bosch "Minimum Standard" training program. All your workshop staff will wear our attractive and functional work clothing.

Your facilities:

Within your workshop area, you will need Bosch diagnostic testing facilities together with at least two lifts or pits. We expect you to be able to provide customers with a full range of services for vehicles up to 3.5 metric tons. This includes undertaking all your own mechanical and electrical work. You should be able to carry out all diagnostic work to the manufacturer's specifications.

Our collaboration:

You will commit to participating in our Bosch Car Service campaigns as well as following our standard workshop processes. We also ask you to use Bosch original spare parts and products, as well as refraining from participation in any competitor workshop concept.