Benefits BIS Partner

Benefits BIS partner
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Easy step to gain new customers: diagnosis of engine management systems

Since more than 40 years now, vehicles are equipped with electronic engine management systems. In vehicles with gasoline engines and direct injection diesel engines, sensors and adjustment mechanisms with cable connections ensure the functional reliability of electronically controlled fuel-injection systems and ignition systems. These are reliable functions in most cases.

But which workshops do the owners of these vehicles head for when service is needed?

  • Who diagnoses system errors when an engine indicator lamp lights up?
  • Who rectifies the symptoms of faults, e.g. increased fuel consumption or incorrect exhaust-gas values?

Do you really want to leave this business to other workshops?

Sign up now! The Bosch Injection Systems Program for your workshop includes:

  • Practical service training courses
  • ESI[tronic] 2.0 workshop information system
  • Hotline
  • Test equipment and Service tools
  • Original products and spare parts from Bosch

And the best thing: Everything without regular system fees as in the case of other providers.

Easy entry with strong partners

Your wholesaler will support you with perfect logistics, parts availability, and access to know-how from Bosch, the leading developer of modern engine management systems and number 1 in automotive engineering worldwide.