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Profit through skill: the Bosch Injection Systems Program

Forget time-consuming and cost-intensive trial and error in locating faults! The experience from the service training and menu-guided troubleshooting instructions lead you to a reliable diagnosis – even in the case of the latest systems with an increasing number of networked components. Defective parts are replaced with original Bosch products. This provides your customers with security and generates additional revenue in your daily workshop business.

Service training

Practical training ensures your successful entry into the diagnosis of modern engine management systems. Experienced and certified instructors train you and your employees in topic-based one-day courses, e.g.:

  • Modern vehicle diagnosis with ESI[tronic] 2.0
  • VE-EDC & VR-pump (VP44)
  • Common Rail Systems
  • Unit Injection System
  • Gasoline Injection & Engine management

You get first hand tips & tricks!

The test equipment and workshop information system

In order to perform professional diagnostics and repairs on modern systems, test equipment of the KTS series is an important part of the Bosch Injection Systems Program. ESI[tronic] 2.0 ensures that the latest service information is available. It is the most comprehensive software world-wide for over 230,000 vehicle models made by more than 120 manufacturers. And if a question crops up – the hotline will not abandon you.